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We specialize in Accounting, Tax, Payroll, VAT, PAYE, UIF, COID, CSD registration, company registrations and Financial Statements.

Our story

Bizz Acc Accountants was born in 2008. While working as an article clerk Karen de Villiers found that most small business owners needed more than just an accountant, as most of them didn't really know where to start. She realised that there was a great need and a very big market in small business services.

The services Bizz Acc Accountants offer to entrepreneurs range from accounting, taxation, consulting, referring owners to related services, and educating small business owners to understand how to use their financial information to grow their businesses.

In terms of the basic accounting and taxation services we offer the full function as accountants. We assist our clients from start-up. Getting their companies registered with CIPC, and for all the relevant taxes. Once our clients have compliant registered enterprises we start the accounting. We then guide them in terms of "educating" them about taxation, when which tax returns should be submitted and why, when they should register for VAT, PAYE, UIF, Income Tax and Workmen's Compensation and why, how to make sure that they utilise all the possible benefits available to them, for example the small business tax benefits.

As a further service to our bigger clients, we offer outsourced financial management. We will assist you, through monthly coaching and guidance, to understand how to use your financial figures to grow your company, to understand how to plan ahead using your balance sheet, income statement and cash flow.

We offer a very affordable, all inclusive package to start-up and micro d business to ensure that they can get passed the first hurdle of running a business, and that is not to fall behind with their tax, VAT and PAYE, and to ensure that their accounting is up to date so that they can use it as a tool to start planning ahead.

In addition we host a bi-monthly networking event for all our clients to allow them to meet each other and to network and advertise their services.

Our mission is to educate business owners so that they can manage their finances themselves, to understand the importance of punctually paying their taxes, to make sure they understand that they should focus on streamlining, and not starving their business and to rather focus on increasing sales then decreasing essential expenses and to ensure that they are remunerated well for their work.

Most entrepreneurs also do not know how to grow their business from a micro d enterprise into one that works for them. By understanding your accounting system, and what your figures mean you can project where you want to go.

It is impossible to project the future if you are unaware of where you are presently.

Clients we have worked with

The clients we have worked with include a large range of businesses; ranging from engineering firms, insurance brokers, training, consulting firms, pharmaceutical companies, transport, advertising and general trading. And turnovers we have worked with range from small companies that turn under R 1,000,000 per annum up to medium d companies turning R 90,000,000.


We are presently  17 franchisees including myself. We have four young accountants and an accounting manager, a taxation manager and assistant, and one accounts assistant and marketer. We are a great team and we work closely with together.

We hope you will consider me and my team to assist you with your accounting needs.


We have a passion for entrepreneurs and what they do, and pride ourselves at giving them the best service and advice at an affordable price.

We also have a passion for training young aspiring accountants to become logical, self motivated accountants who can think on their feet.

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